Friday, October 21, 2016

My Little Village

I wish I could be there!

I wish I could be there! Back in my room, so that my mom will be busy again cooking what I like the most, and my dad will be busy reading the newspaper. But I wasn't in my room.

The kitchen looked empty, the newspaper laid in front of the door as if the outside world has nothing to do with my house anymore. Rooms were silent. No more pleading from my mom for not eating my breakfast and no more scolding from my dad for reaching home late. Instead, they were sitting alone in that room, looking at my photo frame. The only thing that showed movement in that room was their tears.

How could I let them like this, smiling at them in a photo while they were crying. I never thought this could happen to me. People started saying I was too young. And all of a sudden, I became a news. A news, something that engages everyone for a day and fades out over time. I became one such thing.

The one who praised me at that party for going for that extra drink will be talking that I was too mad to do it, and the one who scolds me every day for being too lazy and irresponsible will be crying for the rest of his life. It just shook up what I believed. While I was partying at one side, I never thought someone would stay nervous all night until they hear the sound of my bike. And I only got to know the other side of life when it all ended.

Everything happened was too quick, the light, the loud horn sound, and there I was lying on the road, surrounded by people, mumbling about me. I tried moving my arms, but I couldn’t. I had so much to do in life, but there is no time left. I wish I could go back in time. I wish I could be there! back in my room.
The alarm beside by bed started ringing!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Forgotten - Mini story (Creative Writing Prompt Challenge on

I just participated in Creative Writing Prompt Challenge on (
It's about coming up with up a mini-story of about 350 words for the given picture. Thought of sharing my mini story on my blog.

Ignored, useless, Junk…
There is nothing harder in life than being forgotten by your loved ones. It kills you from within. I never thought this could happen to me. I used to be his favorite toy ever since he was little. I was his favorite birthday gift. While the rest of the world called me by the label name, he was the one who gave me a new name, a new life.

I used to wait all day long for him to get back from school. I knew all his secrets and we were the best buddies of all time. But now, it’s all gone.  He is no more a kid, and we are no longer friends. He has new friends to share new secrets and the worst part was watching all this alone from the top of a shelf. I never took my eyes away from him, longed so much for a little talk and waited for years.
Now, I don’t even know whether he remembers my name. I couldn’t take it anymore and there was no life left in my batteries. All my weird imaginations pushed me to the edge. I decided to leave.

It was on his birthday. The room was filled with thoughts. The new gifts reminded me once again that it’s not a place for an old piece of junk like me. I looked down from the shelf. And, I jumped.
Just like my heart, my body parts were shattered all over the room. Everything looked vague, I waited for the maid to throw me into the trash, but a foot came rushing towards me. It was him. His hand lifted me up; his face glanced at the shattered pieces and He turned back towards me. There was a pause… tears rolled down his eyes. I have never seen him like this.

“Eddy, my best buddy”, he called my name.
“What have I done?”

He kept me over the table and started looking for things to fix me up. But how do I tell him that he already fixed what’s been broken.


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Friday, February 6, 2015

Living a life of a super hero.

What is to be like being a super hero?
Have you ever been one?
Ever felt like one before?
Yes we all have, when we were kids. A time where every dream was possible. We all believed in it once, but slowly we let those super heroes walk out. We packed our dreams and kept it aside while we moved on...
Ever thought of getting them back?

May be chasing a dream and being a super hero are not two different things.
In the end, It's all about saving the day.
And what it takes for saving. All you need it to dust off your mind and create a space, a secret place to start your practice. From scratch. It takes time, a lot of sweat, it's not easy, and the flights don't take off without a runway. You should also know that what ever your practice, it might not help you to fly, but it helps to rise back from every fall. It might appear like the world is moving forward without you. You need patience. Gather everything you want, stay and practice. The world doesn't need you now and you don't want to. Just save the day.

Every day you look at yourself, you see a different person, the one your are becoming. And when you go out, you act like you don't even know this guy, you pretend to be the same old person who hasn't changed much. A life with two identities.
An identity with a routine life, and the other with a dream. Every day, you face the same world, and the world has no idea that it's facing a different you. A very few know your identities and what you are up to, and you don't spend time with them.

Back there in your secret place, you practice. It's a struggle that no one knows. For every step you take, you see a  mile expanding on the other side. Either you test your limits or the limit tests you. It makes you stand on the extremities of fear and courage at the same time. You keep going and going. And all the way, you wonder why you are doing this and you don't even know how you end up. Either you save the day or die saving. But does it really matters? In the end, its all about living the DREAM. That's a life of super hero. The one with a dream.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Head Or Tails

It was Tails in my mind, I tossed the coin...
I tossed again...
And again......
It was Heads for the next 8 times!
"Probably you should go for Heads" my mind said.
I tossed the coin....
And again,..
Finally I got what I wanted.....

But is that what I actually wished for?

Monday, July 22, 2013

At the coffee shop

Had a coffee with my friend Kiran, We had a little chat for a while &  at the end, we added something more to it with the paper cups and stuffs before it goes to the trash.
Just like a human life - To stand for something with all you got before thrown out.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013